Arran in Winter

Winter Cosiness

Come and see our beautiful island in Winter as the scenery takes on a different vibe from the summer. The vibrant and lush greens and yellows of summer change to cool, icy tones with mesmerising early sunsets, and snow capped hills reflecting in the winter sea.

Feel the winter cosiness of island life as you step ashore in the months of December, January, February and even into March.

Villages are generally quieter, offering you more time to take in the beauty of our island and all that it offers. The shorter days of winter offers epic sunrises to kick-start your adventurous days, and early magnificent sunsets to ease you into cosy winter nights.

Enjoy roaming and exploring the island during these quieter months, inviting you to stay that little bit longer and recharge. You will feel yourself slow down and unwind, just as nature does here too. Embrace the pace of island time as you wander, eat, drink and shop at your leisure and create memories that will inspire you to return again, to make even more.

As famous Scots writer and Arran resident Robert McLellan said in his poem Arran Burn, ‘efter the steer and bustle o’ the simmer, a’ is idle’[1], but there is still so much to enjoy at this quieter time of year.

Arran: an island for all seasons

[1] Extract taken from Arran Burn by Robert McLellan