Tour back in time

Like many Scottish Islands, Arran has been fought over and ‘owned’ by various incumbents in the past. As such the island was home to three castles.

The first of these, and probably the best well known is Brodick Castle, which sits in woodland, at the foot of Goatfell, overseeing all who arrive in Brodick Bay. This was the former seat of the Dukes of Hamilton, and since 1957, has been owned and run by the National Trust for Scotland. You can visit the Castle during summer months, where you can enjoy an interactive display about the lives of the 10th, 11th and 12th Dukes – the rise and fall of the dynasty really.

Lochranza Castle was a hallhouse-type building, and strategically placed on the spit in the centre of Lochranza, overseeing any marauders coming in from the Scottish mainland. During summer months you can wander around the interior ruins with care, and this castle was the model for Tin Tin’s adventures in The Black Island. The castle is now owned and maintained by Historic Environment Scotland.  Please note that as at Jan 22, we have been advised access will be limited due to a national programme of high-level masonry inspections.

The third castle is at Kildonan, and though it is inaccessible to the public you can see the towers from Kildonan beach, and from the approaching road. Again, strategically placed, this castle overlooks Pladda and any invaders from the south.

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