Rich & lush nature

The warm air of the Gulf Stream means that Arran has a great climate for both wild and cultivated plant life and flora. Many of the island attractions have beautiful gardens that you can enjoy, and we list some of these below, but you will also see well manicured cottage gardens around the island, and of course wild flowers are abundant in the rugged countryside.

The beautiful and varied planting at Brodick Castle Gardens offer something for everyone.  The walled garden has neat paths leading you around flower beds which are seasonally stocked. These paths continue around the gardens, with shrubbery, plant hunters’ walk, Bavarian Summer House, and the silver gardens – an array of garden sculptures.  Further afield within the grounds there’s a red squirrel hide and you can wander along the Fairy Trail behind the adventure playground! While accessible via gravel paths, some of the gardens are on a slope which may prove difficult for wheelchair access.

The gardens ate Arran Heritage Museum are stunning, and lead down to the Rosaburn. They are fully accessible and are full of colour, with neatly cut lawn. Children can climb onto the big tractor and play with a selection of toys in the gardens.

On occasion, the gardens at Dougarie Lodge are opened to the public.  These are privately owned by the Gibbs family, and if you are able to attend an Open Day here, it is well worth it. Much of the garden is up steps so may not be accessible for everyone. Check out the rose gardens at Lagg Distillery too, which opened in 2019. The plants are still getting established but will make for an increasingly stunning display year on year.

Finally, you will see community gardens dotted around the island. These are run by volunteers with the aim of sustainable fruit and vegetables for the whole community.