Night Sky

The place to star gaze

Arran offers a perfect spot to see night skies dotted with beautiful sparling stars, and clear vision of planets – and even the Milky Way. It might make you feel that we are all just tiny insignificant beings, or it might make you feel you can reach out and touch it.

Whilst the larger villages such as Brodick, Lamlash and Whiting Bay have many street lights, the vastness of the dark skies in other areas of the island will allow you to lose yourself in the majesty of space. The west is particularly good because of the lack of hills which opens up the large skies like your own special planetarium.

The moons can be massive, and ‘The Rural’ (the Scottish Women’s Institute) used to set their monthly meetings in line with the full moon. It’s still not uncommon for islanders to walk home using the moonlight instead of a torch – but this is not recommended!

Not related to the astronomy at all, villages often have bonfires around the 5th November, or at New Year, and throughout December/January (and in some cases longer), the residents of Shiskine Valley erect outdoor lights in a local tradition – Shiskine Shines - which is quite something to see at night, and islanders will travel over especially to see this spectacle.