Wildlife Walk

Spotting Wildlife

Everyone loves to enjoy the fresh air; walking with the sun on your face on the slopes of Goat Fell, the wind in your hair up Glen Rosa or the seaspray on your skin as you meander along Blackwaterfoot Beach can really energise you. Whether low level or hillwalking, Arran has something special to share with you.

There are lots of low level walks on Arran. Think about beaches, glens and even Arran Coastal Way. Fisherman’s Walk in Brodick is one of the most popular low level walks, taking you from Brodick across the bay to Cladach via beachside paths. Machrie Standing Stones are another popular destination for walkers, with an easy to follow track all the way. Kings Caves is slightly more challenging, but is a great clifftop and beach walk. There’s lots of variety to suit every ability.

If you’re heading into the Arran hills, you’re in for a treat. Arran has four Corbetts, with Goatfell, Cir Mhor, Caisteal Abhail and Beinn Tarsuinn all over 2.500’. There’s also some very challenging ridge walking. Whether it’s the granite peaks of the northern range, or the smaller but equally lovely western hills, the sense of awe at the views and variety of terrain will take your breath away.

Full details of all walks can be found on Walk Highlands Arran.